The Detox Solution

Most toxins are fat soluble, meaning they have an affinity towards fat cells. The liver tries to convert these into water soluble toxins and dump them into the bile and then excrete them out the intestines. However, if the intestines do not have enough water soluble fiber, the toxins get re-absorbed back into your blood… causing more problems! Even worse, bacteria can grow off these toxins which can produce more problems.

Sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and white flour interfere with this cleansing process.

The Solution?

Apex Energetics’ Clearvite Liver cleanse with Chia seeds and CABALA juice plus Don Tolman’s Mass X-Odus colon cleanse. You can contact our office for further information,  if you’d like us to order these for you, or if you’re interested in a consultation and support from our office.
We look forward to helping and supporting  your healing journey!

Hydrochloric Acid and Ulcers

If the patient has any irritation in his gastrointestinal tract, this product will help heal it up. A person with stomach ulcers lacks hydrochloric acid and pepsin, so he does not digest his food.  Instead of being digested, his food rots, creating gas and an organic acid which starts to erode his stomach. Most people talk about the ulcer patient having too much acid. The acid that he has too much of is the acid produced by this rotting food. If it is protein that is rotting, the process is called putrefaction. If carbohydrate is rotting, the process is called fermentation. If fat is rotting it is called rancification. If the patient had hydrochloric acid and pepsin in his stomach he would not have this acid of fermentation or putrefaction. In other words, if he digested his food, it wouldn’t rot. The usual approach, if a person has this acid of putrefaction or fermentation in his stomach, is to take an antacid. This gives temporary relief, but makes the situation worse than before. Not only does the antacid neutralize the acid of putrefaction, it also neutralizes the person’s digestive acid. So the next time he eats he has even less digestive acid than before, and the problem becomes worse. It’s a vicious circle that often leads to stomach or duodenal ulcers. So what the ulcer patient really needs is digestive support, such as ZYPAN. And of course to stop taking his antacid. He should take the ZYPAN in the middle of his meal so the hydrochloric acid in the product will be less likely to irritate his ulcer. However, if this causes irritation, he will have to heal the ulcer first with OKRA-PEPSIN E3, then use ZYPAN to prevent another one.

Source: Courtney, John. N.p.: Standard Process, 2004. Print.

Dr. Yoder’s C.H.I.R.O Affirmation Technique

Here is Dr. Yoder’s latest technique update and healing process. We are naming it the C.H.I.R.O Affirmation, for: Chakra balancing, Healing with hands, Intuitive process, self-Realization-Opportunity. This is a blend of the following: EFT tapping, Chakra meridians, neuro-emotional technique, B.E.S.T, the law of attraction, Maslow’s hierarchy of physiological needs, Anthony Robbins’ six human needs, the four agreements, and technique by Dr. John Demartini. By saying the following affirmation, we are covering all the meridians, and our patients have been personally assigned a specific chakra to work on with Dr. Yoder. Say this statement daily when your mind is most relaxed, followed by aroma therapy (either one we recommend or your own).

I am thankful for my body, my health, and my life. I know  I am safe. I am happy and confident that I create what I need in life to feel satisfied. I trust myself; I listen to my body’s needs, and can transform this inner feeling into an outer experience. I love myself; I know that I am loved. By loving myself unconditionally, I allow others to be loved. I am ok with expressing my voice, my opinions, and my feelings to myself and others. I trust my intuition, and can see what the future holds for me yet can remain unattached as to how this manifests. I accept challenges, as I know this represents an opportunity to learn and grow. I contribute to the world by sharing my gifts, talents, and myself with others. I thank God for this opportunity.


Cosmetics Safety Database: How Safe Are Your Products?

As you  may already know or have learned from Dr. Yoder, toxins can effect our bodies in a variety of ways. Whether it’s the food we’re eating or the environment around us, we must be careful and take the extra time to know what we’re putting on and in our bodies.

The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database is a great resource to use to check all of your skin and cosmetics products for their possible toxicity levels. Everyday essentials that we all use could be causing more harm than good. This includes everything from lotion, body wash, shampoo, soap, deodorant, perfume, and even our makeup.

Be sure to share this with your family and friends as a helpful tool to aid them in becoming more aware of taking good care of themselves!

Crystal Carillon Singing Bowl

Here are two videos of Dr. Yoder doing a demo of the Crystal Carillon bowl and talking with Don Tolman about mirror neurons and Crystal Carillon Bowl and Healing:

This Crystal Bowl is completely unique, as Don is the only person to obtain the blueprints from the Myers Museum Collection at Eton College. This particular model of the bowl is an exact replica of the bowl used in 13th Dynasty Egypt (1,700 B.C.E; almost 4,000 years old).

If you’re interested in learning more about the bowl and/or ordering one for yourself, feel free to contact our office!


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David Weck’s CoreFIST

Dr. Yoder recently came across David Weck’s CoreFIST. It’s a really cool method we thought you’d enjoy learning about that can be used for shoulder balance, stabilization and mobilization, along with better punching. It also enhances better gait efficiency.

Watch the video below to check out what the CoreFIST is all about, and test it with your family and friends. It really works!


David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU ball and is local to San Diego. You can read more about him and the WECK Method on his website.

The Adjustment

“The Adjustment”

A spiritual connection uniting you to the Universe through two
Hearts connecting. It has been here since the beginning of
Humankind. It is a gift to be received when you are ready for it.
It is a moment when two become one. A reminder of who we are and
why we are here. It was brought here to heal the world. It is a
sacred gift from the spiritual realm.

There are many physical adjustments in life as there are mental and
emotional adjustments. It is the spiritual adjustments however that silences
us and touches our inner core. Finding the Adjustment is your journey.
Gratitude is the path to finding the Adjustment.

It takes tremendous courage and humbleness to open your heart and touch
another’s soul. We are afraid of the unknown and so we hold back our love
to the world. We think how will the world judge my openness, my creative
expression, my love. Let it go. Trust your intuition to guide your hands.
Have faith that the Adjustment is love shared, pure light, and energy.

All humans recognize this source and will receive what they are ready for at
that moment. Be unattached to what happens after the Adjustment. Trust that
what is shared is pure unconditional Love. Be prepared and remain hollow.

Be patient.

Be silent.

Be Love and you will find the Adjustment.

Written by Dr. David Yoder