David Weck’s CoreFIST

Dr. Yoder recently came across David Weck’s CoreFIST. It’s a really cool method we thought you’d enjoy learning about that can be used for shoulder balance, stabilization and mobilization, along with better punching. It also enhances better gait efficiency.

Watch the video below to check out what the CoreFIST is all about, and test it with your family and friends. It really works!


David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU ball and is local to San Diego. You can read more about him and the WECK Method on his website.


The Adjustment

“The Adjustment”

A spiritual connection uniting you to the Universe through two
Hearts connecting. It has been here since the beginning of
Humankind. It is a gift to be received when you are ready for it.
It is a moment when two become one. A reminder of who we are and
why we are here. It was brought here to heal the world. It is a
sacred gift from the spiritual realm.

There are many physical adjustments in life as there are mental and
emotional adjustments. It is the spiritual adjustments however that silences
us and touches our inner core. Finding the Adjustment is your journey.
Gratitude is the path to finding the Adjustment.

It takes tremendous courage and humbleness to open your heart and touch
another’s soul. We are afraid of the unknown and so we hold back our love
to the world. We think how will the world judge my openness, my creative
expression, my love. Let it go. Trust your intuition to guide your hands.
Have faith that the Adjustment is love shared, pure light, and energy.

All humans recognize this source and will receive what they are ready for at
that moment. Be unattached to what happens after the Adjustment. Trust that
what is shared is pure unconditional Love. Be prepared and remain hollow.

Be patient.

Be silent.

Be Love and you will find the Adjustment.

Written by Dr. David Yoder