Dr. Yoder’s C.H.I.R.O Affirmation Technique

Here is Dr. Yoder’s latest technique update and healing process. We are naming it the C.H.I.R.O Affirmation, for: Chakra balancing, Healing with hands, Intuitive process, self-Realization-Opportunity. This is a blend of the following: EFT tapping, Chakra meridians, neuro-emotional technique, B.E.S.T, the law of attraction, Maslow’s hierarchy of physiological needs, Anthony Robbins’ six human needs, the four agreements, and technique by Dr. John Demartini. By saying the following affirmation, we are covering all the meridians, and our patients have been personally assigned a specific chakra to work on with Dr. Yoder. Say this statement daily when your mind is most relaxed, followed by aroma therapy (either one we recommend or your own).

I am thankful for my body, my health, and my life. I know  I am safe. I am happy and confident that I create what I need in life to feel satisfied. I trust myself; I listen to my body’s needs, and can transform this inner feeling into an outer experience. I love myself; I know that I am loved. By loving myself unconditionally, I allow others to be loved. I am ok with expressing my voice, my opinions, and my feelings to myself and others. I trust my intuition, and can see what the future holds for me yet can remain unattached as to how this manifests. I accept challenges, as I know this represents an opportunity to learn and grow. I contribute to the world by sharing my gifts, talents, and myself with others. I thank God for this opportunity.



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