The Detox Solution

Most toxins are fat soluble, meaning they have an affinity towards fat cells. The liver tries to convert these into water soluble toxins and dump them into the bile and then excrete them out the intestines. However, if the intestines do not have enough water soluble fiber, the toxins get re-absorbed back into your blood… causing more problems! Even worse, bacteria can grow off these toxins which can produce more problems.

Sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and white flour interfere with this cleansing process.

The Solution?

Apex Energetics’ Clearvite Liver cleanse with Chia seeds and CABALA juice plus Don Tolman’s Mass X-Odus colon cleanse. You can contact our office for further information,  if you’d like us to order these for you, or if you’re interested in a consultation and support from our office.
We look forward to helping and supporting  your healing journey!

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